Thursday, October 13, 2011

3 videos and my intereptations

     What is a summary? A summary is a brief exlplination of a source. So perhaps I like my source and could use it, but by shorting it, and putting it in my words. I would be stateting the main points in the source, but not the whole thing, it has to be smaller. In some weird way, I just did a summary of the summary video. This video was the best, it was the best thought up, and the drawings were amazing.

      How to select the right number of key words? First let me answer what is a key word? It is a something that relates it to an article, you use key words in Google all the time. The key word goes through a database and will bring back an article about it. It is best to use 2-4 key words when looking for articles. This video was also weird, it had a message saying 42 every few seconds..... What was up with the chicken analogy, it did not make sence, but thanks for trying.

      Why are citations important? It gives the person who you took that idea credit for having thought of it. If I cite something it makes me look more reliable and trust worthy. I'm sorry but that video, was weird. It was talking about a man with no pants in front of children..... WEIRD

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