Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Video Response on AIDS

     The Stories of AIDS in Africa, is this women Stephanie Nolen talking about her experiences with AIDS in Africa. She has wrote down 28 good experiencs from AIDS and wants the world to read them. They are insperational.The first story she talks about is about these two kids, who are orphaned due to AIDS. These kids have no help, but still stay in school. They try their hardest and are not giving up. The second story is about this man and his wife, the wife gets raped, and they both contract AIDS. He stands up and says he has AIDS and is considered a hero, well says his students. The third story is about a researcher who is not giving up, he is steadily looking for a vaccine to the epidimic AIDS.She went on to answer questions about the book.
     Jaboya, Women are sleeping with their fishermen to get Jaboya. That is all i got from that. I could not understand what she was saying. Since they are having sexual reletionships with the fishermen, so AIDS is a big risk. Jaboya, it means having sexual reletionships for fish.
     Deadly Catch, in Kenya are surprised of how many people are in the final stages of AIDS and how many people come in with it. Some of the native kids, do not have parents because they died of AIDS. In Kenya, Jaboya is also big. The reason why some of the women do this is because they can't afford to eat, so they have sex for fish.

Why do you think the effects of AIDS are so massive different in Africa than they are in the US?
In the US, we have slowly overcome AIDS, we accept it into our comunity now. In Africa, people can not even tell someone without being outcasted. So i believe it is very different because it's almost like we are in different times. Some of the places don't have teachers and such.

What was your knowledge about AIDS in Africa before watching these videos?
I pretty much knew that the kids were orphans because of AIDS. However I did not expect for the weathy people and the educated people to be the main AIDS victims in Africa, well not main victims, but they lost alot of educated people. They don't have that many teachers over their now, the student teacher ratio is like 250:1, which is outragious.

What role do you think culture plays in the effect AIDS has had on the African population?
I think it plays a critical role, because once again I have to say they are losing alot of people. Some of them are well educated, and are just dying from AIDS. Then there are the people who have no education and die because they have no job, or no prevention awarness.

What solutions to these problems do you think are out there?
I think their are alot of small solutions to help Africa out for the time being. We could all donate and try to find a cure for HIV/AIDS. Another way is to help out, just be there, teach them how to be aware of the dangers of AIDS. If more people are open to it over there, maybe they will try to help and stand up for their own people.

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